Project Application

Step 1 of 5 - Business/Organization Snapshot


This is your opportunity to tell us about your project and the goals it should achieve. The more information you give here, the better the solution we will be able to provide. Ignore any questions that are not relevant. We will email you a copy of your answers for your records.

This worksheet is divided into five sections:

  • Business/Organization Snapshot
  • Project Goals
  • Ideal Customer/Audience
  • Design Direction
  • Final Questions

Business Snapshot

"I cannot express how much I have appreciated Alex and his excellent support over the years. It is a wonderful thing to find someone, whom you have never actually met, who becomes a friend and staunch supporter of your business via telephone and email. He’s made it so easy. He’s inspired our trust and our confidence!”

Etta Erickson – Minnesota Oncology