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I started Fluid Junction in 2001 while teaching web design and development at Greenville Technical College. As Head Web Instructor, my responsibilities were stacked with teaching, speaking, hosting events, admissions counseling, evaluating course materials, marketing new courses, and the list goes on. If it was related to the web, then it landed on my desk. I loved it because I was constantly faced with new challenges that revealed opportunities to see what worked and what didn’t.

Many of my students were taking courses to level up their skills to change careers. However, companies wouldn’t hire someone without experience and my students couldn’t gain experience without actually working for a company. So I started Fluid Junction to fill the gap and worked with local companies to design their first website. I created processes for website design, development, search engine optimization, and hosting. I also designed a proposal template, a starter website, and developed a custom content management system and used these tools to teach my students. These efforts helped dedicated students find their first job in the web industry and they’ve continued to drive Fluid Junction for more than 20 years.

A lot has changed since 2001 but one thing remains the same…there are still plenty of gaps waiting to be filled by the ones up for the challenge.

If you’re filling a gap with your business then we’d love to help you maximize your impact through your website.

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Meet Alex Smith

I’m a certified website designer, developer, instructor, digital business consultant, and SEO expert. I started Fluid Junction in 2001 while teaching these skills at the college level and, 20 years later, I still LOVE what I do!

I began my web career as a corporate trainer at Greenville Technical College where I taught all things web related to companies such as BMW, Lockheed Martin, Michelin, Verizon, three branches of the military, and so many more. When I wasn’t teaching (or learning), you could find me building bespoke web applications or performing SEO for enterprise clients in the healthcare, manufacturing, and entertainment industries.

For more than two decades, I’ve completed countless projects from the initial discovery phase to designing, developing, and launching to personally supporting clients for years thereafter.

Through it all, calculated risk, teamwork, and trust are the three core values that have always kept things running smoothly. Success is simply not an option without them.

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