Design & Development

A website is much more than just pretty pictures and the code that drives it. Designing the right experience around your story and developing the right functionality to help your users meet their needs in a delightful way is more important than ever.

We’ll help you dig deep to figure out what that means for your project, all the way down to how the most subtle detail should be approached.

Our processes are proven and our clients are always delighted.

“Our website is an important marketing tool and for our patients, it is an important education tool. Thank you very much for meeting all of our needs and making this very difficult and daunting task so easy. I look forward to continually working with Alex and his team on all of our website needs!”

Dawn Smith Brenneman – Prisma Health

Search Engine Optimization

Want to be #1 on the search engines? Of course you do! If you want to increase your revenue then you need to increase your visibility. If your customers can’t find you then your website is useless.

SEO continues to evolve and we continue to evolve along with it. It’s a never ending game of change and it works in your favor when you follow the guidelines. We’ve found that campaigns approached with expertise, authority, and trust produce the best results.

SEO is a marathon and not a sprint. It takes time and patience to rank for your keywords and it also takes the willingness to pivot when needed.

The concepts are easy but it takes a methodical approach and determination to begin carving out your space in the search results.

There are plenty of people out there who will tell you what you want to hear. We’ll tell you what you need to hear so you can increase your visibility and ultimately win more customers.

“Working with Alex on our website has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. He and his team have given us great service for over a decade but most importantly generated high quality business leads through our website. We will continue to work with Alex to ensure our website is the best that it can be!”

Bruce Harman – CPA

Website Management

A website needs constant care to protect your investment. Content needs to be added, updated, and deleted as your business evolves. Software and servers need to be updated and maintained. Protection against being hacked is a constant need that’s only growing.

After we launch a project, you’ll receive a document listing everything that needs to be managed on a daily basis. It’s a comprehensive list of items that need constant attention. We can provide you with peace of mind with one of our website management plans or you have the option to perform these tasks in-house.

We have extensive experience of maintaining mission critical websites and applications with large infrastructure needs for our enterprise clients.

We can work with you to determine the best option for your needs.

“I cannot express how much I have appreciated Alex and his excellent support over the years. It is a wonderful thing to find someone, whom you have never actually met, who becomes a friend and staunch supporter of your business via telephone and email. He’s made it so easy. He’s inspired our trust and our confidence!”

Etta Erickson – Minnesota Oncology

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